Joubert's Game of Lions on Nat Geo Wild: Big Cat Week

Dereck and Beverly Joubert, co–founders of Great Plains Conservation, proudly announce their next feature film “Game of Lions” to be shown world-wide as part of Nat Geo Wild’s BIG CAT WEEK.


Filmed in Botswana’s Selinda Reserve, Duba Plains and Kenya’s Mara Plains the film documents the challenges male lions face in order to survive.


Only one out of eight lions survive into adulthood. Their fate has always been a mystery that has stumped conservationists and scientists for years. Game of Lions is a film about the hidden lives of these surviving males before they become kings. This is a game of kings, as each bloodline fights for its ultimate survival and right to win a pride. Those that do not survive are the noble offspring that fate or natural selection simply determined would be dead ends in their particular family tree. Each survivor however, is the result of hard battles against hunger, attack by older males, run-ins with different nomads all trying to win the ultimate prize: life.


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Nat Geo Wild 



03 Feb. 19:30 - Australia

04 Feb. 18:00 - Europe/Africa

04 Feb. 20:00 - Latin America

10 Feb. 20:00 - UK & Ireland

17 Feb. 21:35 - SE Asia, M. East, N. Africa

20 Feb. 21:00 - Germany

24 Feb. 22:00 - Italy