WTO to honour Livingstone, Victoria Falls

THE World Tourism Organisation (WTO) has announced that it will honour Livingstone and Victoria Falls towns in Zambia and Zimbabwe, respectively, for successfully co-hosting the 20th session of the general assembly.

WTO Secretary General Taleb Rifai announced in Madrid, Spain on 24 January, that Zambia and Zimbabwe will be honoured by the UNWTO.

“After successfully co-hosting the most successful well organised and well attended UNWTO 20th session general assembly, the UNWTO is to honour the towns of Livingstone and Victoria Falls.” Dr Rifai said.

This came to light during a high-level meeting held in Spain attended by Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo and Minister of Tourism and Hospitality of Zimbabwe Walter Mzembi and the UNWTO secretary general Dr Taleb Rifai.

“Hon ministers, I am so glad you are here and you have accepted to meet with me. I would like to reiterate my appreciation for the great job you did in co-hosting the best in content, the best in organisation and the best in attendance general assembly. I am sure the peoples of Livingstone and Victoria Falls are asking after this,” said Mr Rifai.

Dr Rifai pointed out that his organisation felt indebted to the people of Livingstone and Victoria Falls towns for the memorable hospitality offered to the UNWTO family.

The secretary general disclosed the UNWTO team will fly back to Livingstone and Victoria Falls towns to honour the citizens from the two countries by erecting a monument and plaque in both countries.

The secretary general also appealed to Ms Masebo and Mr Mzembi to take a leading role in discussions and setting the agenda for visa facilitation and open skies.

“The two countries did a great job during the general assembly. All issues of visa were handled very well and that is a testimony that visa issues cannot be a barrier to travel,” Dr Rifai said.