New Grading System for Swaziland’s Accommodation

Swaziland has well and truly affirmed its commitment to ensuring tourism growth and success by introducing a brand new grading system.

The introduction was unveiled last month by the newly-appointed Minister of Tourism Jabulani Mabuza, who at the same time also unveiled a committee of seven who will lead the new initiative.

“This exercise was the beginning of government’s efforts to ensure that visitors receive the highest standards of quality service within the tourism accommodation sector,” Mabuza said.

The committee will grade accommodation using stars, but only those that have signed up to the system. Although optional, almost 95% of accommodation providers in Swaziland have already stated that this is a good way forward.

The new system is hoped to bring a number of benefits to the accommodation sector in Swaziland. Firstly it will be sure to help improve quality and standards within the industry, and will give global recognition to those distinctive lodges offering service that far outweighs others. Ratings will also help tour operators and clients make more informed decisions about where they choose to stay, and will hopefully give more confidence to smaller and newly established travel companies to invest in Swaziland. 

The other element is that of marketing. It’s hoped that by being able to display ‘stars’ at the front of buildings, on marketing material and in brochure, could help give a boost to business!