An amazing story of survival and rescue

An amazing story unfurled in the Masai Mara this month, when a small lion cub was separated from its mother, survived nine days alone and then was successfully re-united with its mother and the rest of the pride.

The incident began when two lionesses, called Lippy and Sila from the Marsh Pride of lions went hunting. Lippy and Sila brought down a hippo and together with Lippy’s three, three and a half month old cubs began to feed on the kill. Shortly afterwards a group of lionesses from a neighbouring pride arrived on the scene and after an aggressive attack Lippy, Sila and cubs retreated from the kill. In the ensuing chaos one of the cubs, a young female took off in the opposite direction and was separated from Lippy, its mother. The two didn’t find each other and Lippy, seemingly unconcerned, moved away to another area of the Masai Mara.

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