New Kamili portfolio video


Kamili has launched a new 2-minute video to ensure travel professionals are up to date on the quality of Kamili’s portfolio.

In the seven years since its launch, Kamili has grown fast to include over 50 independent lodges, camps and safaris operators across 19 countries in sub-saharan Africa.

Tim Henshall (Kamili's MD) stated “We need to ensure that Africa specialists recognize the high quality of our partners. When we first launched we did have more 3-star style properties, but in the ensuing years we have moved significantly more upmarket in our standards, but importantly our partners rates remain affordable”.

The video does not attempt to communicate destinations, instead through visuals alone, it highlights the style and quality of Kamili’s properties, as well as to hint at the many varied activities that Kamili’s partners offer.

The video is viewable on YouTube  (