AWF boosts support for Manyara Ranch

Enhanced Conservation Initiatives on Manyara Ranch

African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) recently expanded their financial and technical commitment and support for Manyara Ranch, within which lies the 35000 acre Manyara Ranch Conservancy just outside of Tarangire National Park.

In August 2013, AWF took on direct responsibility for land management, conservation and community affairs to support Tanzania Land Conservation Trust who own the land. Honey Guide Foundation have been contracted by AWF to coordinate anti-poaching operations and security in the area. This builds on Honey Guide’s existing projects in Burunge next to Tarangire and the Sinya area near the border with Kenya.

All accommodation and tourism related activities continue to be managed by Manyara Ranch Conservancy. We are very please with the enhanced support for this superb and exclusive area. Only guests staying at the Conservancy's comfortable 6 Tent Safari Camp, may access the 35000 acres - big enough to keep visitors busy for 3 or 4 days. A critically important wildlife migration corridor, wildlife comes and goes but large numbers of animals stay year around, making game viewing the top attraction.

The safari experience is what matters most. The freedom and flexibility offered on the Conservancy greatly enhances any parks-based safari where sitting in a vehicle for extended periods is the norm.

The Conservancy is located right off the roads leading to Tarangire, Manyara, Ngorongoro and Serengeti, almost every safari to Northern Tanzania will pass right past this hidden gem.