7 Reasons to go on holiday in Zimbabwe right now

Written by Luke Brown, Vayeni Director

When Suzanne and I travel the world and tell people that Zimbabwe’s tourism is on the rise and that it’s at the beginning of a boom, almost everyone we speak to is shocked and surprised at first.  The fact is that most people out there think that Zimbabwe is somehow in reverse as a destination.  This is certainly not the case when it comes to tourism and its only when we show people pictures and video clips of the country, often with us in them that they start to believe.

Think Zimbabwe and draw up a 7 point list of things that come to mind! You may come up with a whole lot of things and more than likely there wont be the word holiday on either your own or most others’ lists.  So why then should you be convinced otherwise?  Here are 7 good ‘myth busting’ reasons why you should be putting ‘holiday’ right at the very top of the list when you think of Zimbabwe.

1. Peaceful, intelligent people with special smiles that are infectious

2. Internationally accessible and domestically flyable

3. Navigable on the ground & communication/technology friendly

4. Incredibly diverse offerings from varied landscapes to shopping to culture

5. Great accommodation, great products and on top of this these are conservation and community focused

6. Affordable

7. Superb service

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