Selinda Reserve Becomes Africa's Wild Dog Hot-Spot

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The Selinda Reserve, in northern Botswana, has become the wild-dog hotspot of Africa. Three wild-dog packs of 17 adults have denned with 22 puppies in 2013. This is exceptional and has left experienced guides and researchers absolutely in awe at what has transpired.


Each year we anticipate one of the most exciting seasons, when our resident wild dog pack, The Selinda Pack, dens. This normally occurs in June or July and the result has been as many as 15 puppies from just the one alpha female. However, the 2013 behaviour, interaction and splintering of the Selinda Pack and neighbouring packs from adjacent concessions has produced activity that is not only remarkable on a local scale, but perhaps unheard of continent-wide among wild dog enthusiasts and researchers alike. Selinda Reserve is now home to three resident packs and, not only that, the denning calendar and alpha female dynamics are in total disarray and hunting has taken on new proportions.

Read the full story and get to know The Selinda Pack, The Mopane Pack and The Makoba Pack; it reads like a Quentin Tarantino movie script.


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