Pel’s Fishing Owl Wows Guests at Pumulani

Normally it takes a lot of dedication and a fair amount of luck to get a good bird sighting, especially if it’s a bird on your list. Rarely do these 2 factors arrive on a silver platter, but occasionally they do! Guests at Pumulani have had the royal treatment with a large adult Pel’s Fishing Owl that decided to make its home in the tree alongside the fish pond. The owl came to hunt each night this past week, offering guests a great sighting of this prized bird. The owl remained for most of the night, even giving the photographers ample time to get in their best shots. And this could all be viewed from close up, by standing right underneath the owl on the garden path; from across the pond while standing on the bridge. Or for those who really took their relaxation seriously, the view from the bar was almost as spectacular, where you could sip on your ‘fish eagle’ cocktail and enjoy a Pel’s Fishing Owl!