Zimbabwe - hottest safari ticket in town!

Isn’t it about time that politicians and punters alike put conservation first to support the many Zimbabwean players who’ve quietly carried their side of the bargain in the last decade? 

A new stage has been set.  Elections have come and gone (let’s get over it).  There’re some real issues to tackle in the industry.

  • A mass elephant poaching incident in Hwange has prompted the government to react strongly that might just see the authorities actively support the global conservation fight against poachers.
  • Clive Stockil has been recognised for his work with rhinos with a lifetime Prince William Award for Conservation.
  • Custodians of Mana Pools have seen the threat of mining in the Mana Pools World Heritage site disappear off the environmental agenda.

So despite many traditional safari-goers having chosen other destinations in the last decade, Zimbabwe’s old attractions have become the smart choice.  Conservationists have produced results against odds, the authorities appear to be making all the right moves to support the industry and players have kept their side of the bargain.

Visitors who make the effort to get on safari in 2014 will be greeted by some big personalities, warm smiles and simply tremendous service.  Get there before the crowds rediscover Zimbabwe!

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