Saruni Samburu Welcomes New Assistant Manager

Having been part of the Saruni family for many years it is our pleasure to announce that Cecilia Rono (previously head of Saruni’s Spa and shop) has been promoted to the position of assistant manager at Saruni Samburu. Cecilia began her Saruni journey as one of Saruni Mara’s first Masai masseurs, her hard working character and gifted skills with body treatments and massages were evident from the very start. As Cecilia’s career progressed she was taken to Italy to train in the world famous Centro Benessere Stresa at the 5 star Deluxe Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees. Here Cecilia’s skills and techniques flourished along with her natural flare for the Italian language! Now a mother of four, Cecilia takes on her new role with a great natural ability to manage a camp that she has seen grow and develop over the past 5 years. Good luck Cecilia!