New Wayo Africa Green Camps

Everything you want & nothing you don’t!

We would like to introduce the upgraded Wayo Green Camps in the Serengeti and Lake Manyara National Parks. As with the original Green Camps; simplicity, remote and private is the theme.

These new Green Camps feature a round bell-tent design with 4m across floor space and a 2.5m pitch roof allowing for ample space to move around in, space for luggage and an extra bed when needed.

Green Camps have beds with mattress and 100% linen. Every tent has its own attached bathroom.

The Green Camp still is small enough to move with the migration. The Serengeti Green Camp will move between 4 and 5 times a year to ensure easy access to the large herds.

Although Green Camps are mainly aimed at game viewing safaris this camp is almost always close to the Serengeti wilderness zones where we operate smaller multiple day walking camps. In many areas guests can walk straight from the Green Camp in to a walking fly-camp.

Lake Manyara Green Camp has various activities besides game drives. From this camp guests can enjoy night-drives, short walks or climbs/ hikes in to the remote Marang forest. Being located on the banks of a dry river-bed the most unique experience from this camp is the various herds of Elephants coming to drink at night while sitting next to a camp fire.

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