Malawi Football Frenzy at Kaya Mawa

Kaya Mawa have hosted the third Kaya Mawa Cup. A week of football madness on the island. We flew in two coaches and four semi professional players (the 'Tourists') from the Old Meadwonian Football Club in the UK to help us out and compete.

During the week training sessions were arranged with six schools on the island football pitch (complete with a baobab in the middle of one of the halves). On the Wednesday the Kaya Mawa XI took on the Likoma Island 'All Stars'. A frenetic 90 minutes with the Visitors helping out the Kaya Mawa team, all to no avail though with the match ending up with a popular win to the islanders in front of a home crowd of over 2000 people. On Friday the highlight of the week a five a side tournament. 16 teams in the draw, one from each of the villages on the island and then one from Kaya Mawa, Mango Drift, Katundu, Ndomo House and then the 'Tourists'. Matches were fast and dusty and not without contact! After 5 hours and 34 matches the final loomed between Nkwhazi (the village Kaya Mawa is built in and which hosts to the tournament) and Makengulu, the next door village. In the last minute Nkwhazi managed to find a space and took the lead. The pitch was invaded with kids cartwheeling and woman singing. Once we had finally cleared the pitch play resumed only for the whistle to blow thirty seconds later. What followed can only be described as elated  pandemonium. The cup was held aloft by the victors and was last seen being ceremoniously danced into the village. A great result and a great day. Throughout the week we have given out over 1000 items of clothing from hats and shirts to boots and gloves and 60 odd footballs, donated by the Tourists and Kaya Mawa.