‘Green Girls in Africa’


Cape Town based responsible tourism company, Serendipity Africa, announced that it has launched a new division, which aims to make the journey to sustainability easier for the travel industry. ‘Green Girls in Africa’ came about as a result of Serendipity Africa’s founder, Helen Turnbull, also Atta’s responsible tourism advisor, encountering the same questions while promoting responsible tourism and ethical products to the trade. Many travel companies and product owners want to be doing something positive to contribute to social and environmental issues, but don’t know where to start, or don’t have the resources to get the process started. Often it is a lack of staff as well as lack of insight that hinders the tourism industry achieving more when it comes to establishing policies and communicating responsible tourism messages, and this was the catalyst that motivated ‘Green Girls in Africa’. All of the ‘girls’ are well versed in responsible tourism planning, implementation, trust creation and social media. The idea is that companies can choose from a ‘pick and mix’ list of affordable services that offer a long or a short term support system and can be completely tailor made to the individual situation.

The current economic worries mean that resources for companies to appoint their own ‘green team’ are just not possible, and this is the sort of situation that the Green Girls can step in and manage where needed.

‘Green Girls in Africa’ consists of three well-known travel professionals with many years of experience in the travel industry between them, and they understand the challenges that businesses face on a day-to-day basis to make money. The truth of the matter however is that responsible business does not mean losing money. On the contrary, responsible tourism makes good business sense, not just in terms of improving the bottom line, but also in terms of improving staff morale and the customer experience you deliver.

Green Girls in Africa offers the travel industry a flexible set of practical tools, from the smallest to the largest assignment, making it easy for companies to incorporate responsible tourism practices. The goal of ‘Green Girls in Africa’ is to create a constructive environment that will enable us to work collaboratively as an industry towards making South Africa the best responsible tourism destination in the world and helping businesses achieve that. For more information see www.greengirlsinafrica.com.