The Tanzanite Experience Expands Into South Africa

The Tanzanite Experience has expanded into South Africa with the opening of the latest museum and store in Cape Town.

Alongside the ‘Experiences’ in Tanzania, this new and fascinating museum takes visitors on a journey that began 585 million years ago and finishes with one of the world’s most sought after and beautiful gemstones.

The latest opening sees The Tanzania Experience continue to create awareness of how rare and precious this gemstone, unique to Tanzania, really is; how it is mined, marketed and graded.  As a product of TanzaniteOne each of the museums offers a wide range of guaranteed ethically mined and exceptional quality tanzanite’s to be purchased direct from source.

The museum is located on Prestwich Street, Green Point, Cape Town and is open from 8am to 5pm Mon to Fri and with prior appointments on Saturday.  E: T: +27 21 421 9797  W: