School Trips and the Community with the Responsible Safari Company


The Responsible Safari Company (RSC) has continued to work with UK Primary and Secondary schools, assisting educational institutions with every aspect of a school trip to Malawi, from accommodation and transport to community partner links that suit the group’s requirements.

The work RSC has done over the last couple of years has built them a reputation for being true experts within the field of educational visits; and the value of the work they do is recognised globally. In order to provide more details about the school trip opportunities they offer, a dedicated website has been created giving full information:

Organising any school trip can be a daunting task and a trip to Malawi is no exception. The RSC Team works and lives in Malawi and have built an extensive experience of planning educational trips to the country. They know the best places to visit and stay as well as introducing schools to exceptional community projects that bring modern Africa to UK students. The RSC has supported and continues to support schools in all aspects of the planning and have been able to remove the stress and anxiety from teachers and group leaders.

February was a quiet month for RSC and the time allowed them to step back and digest the hugely busy year, preparing for the next which is set up to be even busier. The RSC’s aim has always focused on driving sustainable tourism into Malawi, enabling the community to gain the economic benefit from this. To succeed, they found that the best way has been to provide a strictly business to business model; the communities provide the service and the RSC pays them for it. The model has developed into volunteering schemes, day trips, overnight village stays and small business initiatives.

Grown from this economic model, the RSC has grown its own community network. They’ve a strong belief in a shared network of information, access to funding opportunities, training days and business advice. Over the past five years, these efforts have seen a vast improvement on the local communities; they experience the great pride from generating their own income and making profit to support both themselves and those vulnerable within the community. The RSC continues to work with both schools and the community to make a real difference!