Roddy Bray to speak at Destinations on the Great Guides of Africa.

Catch Roddy Bray, founder of GreatGuides.Org and the GG iFund (Authentic's chosen charity), speaking at Destinations on Saturday 02 February at 13:45.
GreatGuides.Org is a powerful multimedia website designed to profile inspirational people, organisations and places in Africa. In particular it features forty of the most remarkable guides in Africa, including Paul Kirui, Rob Caskie and Jackson Looseyia.

Using video, audio and photographs the website projects the good news about Africa – the passionate local experts working for conservation and positive social change – and links them to tourism, education, youth development and the disabled. The work is supported through the iFund (especially to bring audio to the blind) and Roddy has recently launched a unique tourism product ‘Great Guides Signature Tours’ that are led by the Great Guides of Africa. Roddy is available to meet with Tour Operators during Destinations, contact him at

*The Great Guides iFund is Authentic Representation’s chosen Charity. Roddy is speaking as the guest speaker of Rainbow Tours at Destinations. The Great Guides tours are booked through Atta member Greenlife Africa