2012 has been a fantastic year for Malawi, but hold on tight because we're sure 2013's going to be even better!


Well, where do we start? From awards and nominations to top ten listings not to mention the TV coverage, we’ve never seen a year in which Malawi has so much been at the forefront of tourism attention. Enquiries from tourists are coming in thicker and faster than ever before, and more tour operators are discovering ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’.

Not only has Malawi been recognised as an up and coming and new destination by the media, but it has also been voted as a top ten destination by numerous bodies. Voted by Wanderlust magazine in 2011 as one of their top ten, the trend followed and in the latter part of this year ‘Globe Spots’ also announced Malawi as one of their favourite destinations. Globe Spots is a site run by an independent group who could be referred to as ‘professional travellers’. November saw their site list Malawi as one of their top ten destinations for 2013.

Described by National Geographic as ‘Africa’s liquid asset’, Malawi again managed to charm its way into another list of top destinations. Listed in the top 20 of ‘Best Trips for 2013’ Malawi boasted its newfound status alongside the likes of Uganda, Grenada and even Memphis. Shared by a modest 49,000 people on facebook, the article has proved to be a hit and clearly many agree that for 2013, Malawi is firmly on the travel agenda. MSN took this one stage further and shortened it to a Top 10 must-see places for 2013 - Malawi was still in there.

On top of this, Malawi Travel Marketing Consortium is also proud to boast its nomination by both the Safari Awards and SATOA Travel awards. After celebrating its tenth year working hard to promote Malawi as a top destination this recognition has been much appreciated.

The increased attention Malawi has had this year has been significantly enhanced by the huge amount of media coverage it has received. In the last few months alone ‘Malawi specific’ travel articles have been featured in:  The IndependentThe Guardian, The Sunday Times, Metro and The Mail. In addition, The Times has cited Malawi in two ‘Top 10 lists’ including ‘Best Affordable Safari Destination for Families’ and ‘Best for Local Culture’. Prestigious consumer travel magazines including: Condé Nast Traveller, National Geographic Traveller, Wanderlust and Wild Travel have all run glowing reports of the country’s stunning scenery, wildlife and idyllic beaches, as has high-end female style title Elle.

This press coverage generated in these few months alone is valued at half a million pounds, and the fact that it is all editorial certainly increases its significance. Readership of Malawi’s total exposure, even just in the UK, will certainly not be far off the million mark. The Malawi Travel Marketing Consortium representing the majority of internationally focused accommodation in Malawi have played a large part in this media coverage, organising more press trips than ever before!
In November the Travel Channel’s Ethical Hedonist aired a one hour episode dedicated to Malawi. This has been a huge breakthrough for Malawi as never before has a single television broadcast focusing solely on Malawi been shown. Such coverage, to a worldwide audience, has given an immediate boost to Malawi’s profile, and with it continuing to be aired over the next three years it’s powerful impact is sure to continue.
With the majority of media attention being in the later part of this year and much more still in the pipeline, 2013 looks set to be a really great year for Malawi.
Kelly White, Director of the Malawi Travel Marketing Consortium, commented:
“We are confident that the media coverage and regular ‘Top Destination’ listings will translate into more booking for Malawi, especially in light of the bicentenary of David Livingstone’s birth in 2013, which will bring even more attention to this emerging country. We’re all set for another exciting year ahead.”