New Sunset Villa!

The Chapwani family is venturing into a new exciting project: the construction of the Sunset Villa!

The Villa, to be operational from early January, will add value to Chapwani, bringing a different concept of accommodation to the island, as it will be located on the same beach side but separate, on a private area, and it will either work as a suite for a couple, with 1 bedroom, sitting room and terrace, or as a family room. The guests in the villa will as well be offered the possibility of having room service, or they may choose indeed to use the restaurant and bar with the other guests.

The nice thing about our new Villa is the staff work contribution and the future income that is generated by the Villa will be distributed 50% to our staff members that joined the project. It’s our idea of how staff and management can work together and be successful more than additional beds in our small island.

To be loyal to Chapwani´s celebrated eco-style, we are collecting from the natural surroundings some pieces of wood, shells and coral stones which will be part of the decoration of the villa.

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