Europe's First Swaziland Guide Book Published!


We’re really excited to announce the publication of Swaziland’s newest guide book, the first guide to be published in Europe! This is fantastic news for Swaziland is sure to help boost tourism!

Author Mike Unwin says, "Swaziland opens up like a Tardis once you enter, revealing massive, muscular landscapes that belie its bijou dimensions. I was constantly amazed by just how far off the beaten track you could wander in a populous place barely one-third bigger than Yorkshire."

Swaziland is Africa's second smallest country and its last remaining absolute monarchy. Dwarfed by neighbouring South Africa, this tiny, landlocked nation punches well above its weight in terms of both nature and culture. As Richard E.Grant says in his foreword to this new guidebook, "I'm delighted that Bradt are publishing Mike Unwin's new guidebook. It's high time somebody did justice to the place. Swaziland may be tiny, but small, in this case, is certainly beautiful".

In the guidebook Mike Unwin explores the wildlife reserves and wild hiking trails offering waterfalls, rock art and prolific flora and birdlife, and introduces travellers to the country's rich and varied landscapes. "Most African travel staples are well represented: big game, traditional culture, picture-book panoramas, wild hiking, adventure sports and exquisite handicrafts." And, as he points out, they come conveniently packaged in a space so small that none is more than a couple of hours' drive from the capital.

The book divides Swaziland into four distinct regions, with detailed maps and itineraries for timescales from one weekend to one month, and includes a practical guide to neighbouring attractions easily accessed from Swaziland, including Maputo (Mozambique) and the Kruger Park (South Africa), both less than one hour's drive away. The natural history section offers greater detail and more accurate information than found elsewhere, drawing on the author's extensive insider knowledge and experience.

Mike Unwin is a freelance travel writer, specialising in ecotourism and Africa, and has lived and worked in Swaziland.

Copies of the Bradt guide to Swaziland can be purchased by clicking here.

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Title: Swaziland Author: Mike Unwin 
Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides Publication: 15 November 2012
Price: £15.99 ISBN: 9781841624006