A 60 minute television feature on Malawi airs this week!


The Ethical Hedonist, a programme all about discovering the best of a country, visits Malawi this month. Their Malawi programme begins airing on November 8th. This is a huge breakthrough for Malawi as there has never been a single television broadcast that focuses so much on what Malawi has to offer. Such coverage, to a worldwide audience, is sure to affect Malawi’s tourism very positively.

Bob Kelly (“The Ethical Hedonist”) loves to indulge in the best, most beautiful and spectacular things this world can offer. The programme follows Bob as he works to strike the delicate balance between enjoying the best a country has to offer, whilst also learning about issues facing a country, the solutions in progress and how the visitor can contribute in a small way. In the Malawi, hour long special, the audience is invited to share the moments with Bob as travel Africa’s hidden gem.

Dubbed the 'warm heart of Africa', Malawi is a world often left unexplored by the common tourist. But, as the Ethical Hedonist soon found out, it's an absolute paradise both for the inner hedonist and for the ethical traveller in everyone, with so many opportunities to help this developing nation.

The Ethical Hedonist can be watched live on:

UK: 8 November 2012 20h00

Germany: 24 November 2012 20h15

Europe (except Germany): 24 November 2012 19h00

Asia: 24 November 2012 19h00

New Zealand: 24 November 2012 19h30


Don’t forget to tune in!

You can find out more about the programme by going to http://www.travelchannel.co.uk/series-info.asp?series=The+Ethical+Hedonist&ID=1587&episode=2#2