Female Kob With Horns!

This is Strange but true when I write to you about a female Uganda Kob with horns in Semliki Wildlife Reserve.

It all started some two months back when I and our Semliki Safari Lodge manager Keith took some clients for an evening game drive. As we drove between the lodge and the main road which is about 2.8kms, we came across a herd of Uganda kobs with one dominant male who was in charge of that herd.

This herd comprised of a nursery herd (a group of young Uganda kobs of up to 5 months) together with their mothers.

Amongst the mothers there was one with horns, which left I, Keith +the clients mesmerized. At least once in many months you can come across a female kob with two young ones but a female kob with horns was a bit too much.

When we returned to the lodge Nadia one of the lodge managers  asked us if we had seen anything interesting during the game drive with the clients then we replied yes …a female Uganda kob with horns nursing its young one then she said "yeah right... stop kidding around .."

I went and told my fellow guides who also thought I was kidding. There came time for them to see the truth and one day they also went out with the clients and they saw it as well.

Today I this female Uganda kob is still seen around Semliki Safari Lodge with her kin.

If you can spend a couple of nights in Semliki  you can’t fail to see it.