Volcanoes Launches Gorilla Permit Chart!!


Volcanoes Safaris is excited to announce that a new resource is available to make the planning of your journey to the endangered mountain gorillas much easier: the Gorilla Permit Chart!

The innovative Gorilla Permit Chart has been devised to give guests a guideline of the availability of permits both in Rwanda and Uganda for months in advance! The chart has been colour-coded in a traditional traffic-light style to make it incredibly easy to see which dates have high, medium, low or no availability of permits.

When you have seen the general availability of each month and each specific date it’s time to contact our sales team to confirm availability and assist with the rest of your journey to the great kingdom of the gorillas!

It is important to understand that the chart is meant to be an indication only. The most reliable source of up-to-date information is still our sales team. The information on the chart is updated regularly but due to daily changes as a result of the high demand gorilla tracking permits, availability cannot be guaranteed.

We hope that the new chart will make the process of planning your journey the kingdom of the mountain gorillas smoother!

Contact us for more information on gorilla tracking and a stay at the Volcanoes Collection of Lodges!