The Tree House Rebooted

In November the much-loved house was closed for a Tongabezi style revamp and all around the world a collective breath was held as everyone could not help wondering how it would be possible to improve on perfection. We can now reveal the all new Tongabezi Tree House - and let everyone know that the Tonga team has done it again and it’s safe to exhale, sit back and prepare to be all kinds of impressed!

The new Tree House sits on one elevated level hugging the main trunk of a giant African Ebony tree and the rocky banks of the Zambezi River. The sustainable pine wood underfoot is a warm organic extension of nature with Anatolian carpets from a legacy that dates back to 7000 BC adding an exotic and timeless flair to the wide planks.

Is that a fridge we spy? Yes indeed – whilst the Tree House still comes with your very own valet whose expertise and service is available every hour of every day guests now also have the option of keeping drinks cool for later or making their own cuppa when the mood takes them! The canopy of the bed also features an air conditioner that allows you to control of the environment immediately surrounding your sleep.

The exquisitely elevated and exclusive position of the Tree House lends itself rather emphatically to sitting and staring.