Super Pack of Wild dogs Seen Near Leopard Lodge

The staff of Leopard Lodge, a luxury lodge in the Kafue National Park, Zambia, recently spotted a super pack of Wild Dogs numbering 50 individuals near their lodge.

Jacques Collins, Owner of Leopard-Lodge, says “We have seen packs of 30 plus last year a long way from Leopard Lodge. Now our staff, which was en-route to Lusaka, but only a kilometre from camp, were delayed when they saw the dogs. As the pack crossed the road they counted them and saw 50 dogs in total.  A pack of this size is obviously very rare and an incredible site.”

Wild dog numbers have dropped considerably over the last 20 years owing to habitat loss, human persecution (hunting and poisoning), disease spread from domestic animals and isolated populations. Packs now generally vary between 6 and 20 dogs with an average of 15 in a pack. Records indicate that the last time a pack of this size was seen was in 1969 in the Kruger National Park. Around this time packs of up to 40 were being sighted in Botswana.

“Maybe we should rename our lodge to Wild Dog Lodge”, jokes Collins.

Kafue National Park is the oldest park in Zambia and by far the largest spreading over a massive 22 400 square kilometers making this southern African game reserve the second largest park in the world, roughly the same size of Wales and twice the size of Yellowstone National Park in the USA. Until recent years the Kafue National Park has remained underdeveloped and affords excellent game viewing, birding and fishing opportunities without fighting the crowds.