Malawi's Swift Air Completes Maiden Malawi-JNB Shuttle

Malawi's Swift Air celebrated the Maiden service of its new Lilongwe – Blantyre – Johannesburg route earlier last week. 

After overcoming some initial obstacles relating to competition on this popular route, the shuttle service began with the full support of the Malawian government and the department of transport in South Africa. 

Swift Air will carry on providing shuttles between Malawi and Johannesburg and with the support of the public, they intend to keep prices exactly the same, working on a volume based turn over.

Some interesting facts about the journey:

·      Travel is at 900km per hour (our Joburg to Blantyre flight takes 1 hour 45 minutes).

·      The amount of fuel used to get from Joburg to Blantyre is 12000 litres so a return trip is 24000 litres.

·      There are 6 members of crew on board, 2 pilots, 1 engineers and 3 cabin crew.

·      The aircraft weighs over 50 tonnes

·      Carries 120 people

·      Flight averages around 25000 – 35000 feet around 8 km above the surface of the earth