Baobab Travel – Certified as Fair Trade Tourism (FTT)

UK tour operator Baobab Travel has today become the first UK-based travel company to have a portfolio of South African itineraries certified as Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) travel packages.

South Africa developed a system to measure and certify Fair Trade practices in tourism in 2003. Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) was originally designed for individual accommodation owners as well as local activity providers, and has successfully certified over 60 tourism products in South Africa. The FTTSA certified has recently been extended to tour operators worldwide, and is open to companies that work with FTTSA certified partners in South Africa. This ground-breaking initiative allows consumers to extend ethical purchasing decisions beyond everyday products, such as coffee, tea and fruit, to include holidays that guarantee a better life for the people of South Africa. Fair Trade Tourism offers the tour operator an opportunity to promote and sell forms of travel that are economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable.

Baobab Travel celebrated its 10th anniversary on the date the approval was awarded, and has designed four dedicated Fair Trade Tourism packages, which include the Cape & Garden Route, a Whale Watching itinerary along the South African coast, a Johannesburg, Kruger & Limpopo tour, and a Hiking Trail through the Southern Drakensberg Mountains. The tours compliment Baobab Travel’s long-standing commitment to responsible travel, which is at the heart of all itineraries the company prepares for its clients. By following this policy the company creates holidays that give customers 'real' experiences providing a full appreciation of all aspects of their destination, while at the same time leaving positive legacies in the locations visited.

Katarina Mancama, FTTSA Project Manager, says "we are delighted that Baobab Travel, a pioneer in responsible tourism, has joined the Fair Trade Tourism initiative. Their participation will help to bring more conscious tourists to South Africa and, by extension, this will enable us to use tourism as a vehicle for sustainable development and poverty alleviation".

For further information, please contact:

Baobab Travel Ltd

Dr Louise de Waal, Founder/MD

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Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa

Katarina Mancama, FTTSA Project Manager

Tel +27 (0)12 342 2945