Small World Marketing Webinars

Small World Marketing host online presentations on one of their properties every other Tuesday at 14.00.  We had a great attendance at Tuesdays webinar on Azura Benguerra and a recording of this presentation & all of the others can be viewed on our youtube channel (smallworldmarketing1)

Why should you do a webinar

Your time is valuable- you don't have to leave the office to attend, saving travel time and expense. And as webinars are only 15 - 20 minutes in length and can be viewed live or afterwards on our youtube channel

Get the answers you need- ask questions of the presenter during the live webinar ensuring you are 100% clear on how to sell the property to your client

Watch and learn- hear the presenter and their presentation slides on screen, providing a more enjoyable, interactive learning experience

Get new staff up to speed - if someone new joins your team simply pop them in front of a computer with some headphones and they can quickly get up to speed on the properties in a fun and easy way