Fall in love with Responsible Tourism: #RTweek2012 13 - 19 February

This weeks global un-conference on Responsible Tourism is proving to be a practical real-time masterclass on the effective use of inexpensive social media to share your message. Using accessible online multi media channels such as twitter, slideshare, storify, flickr, blogs, audio postcards and live streaming, participants worldwide can learn about new initiatives, network and collaborate. And among the many advantages - the event is free and there's no jet lag for participants.

In the spirit of RTWeek2012 Authentic Representation shares ten easy and effective strategies for supporting sustainable tourism and award winning RT journalist Catherine Mack asks:  "do punters give a toss about Responsible Tourism?"   The thousands of grass roots tourism initiatives struggling to tell tourists they exist will find useful tips and strategies in this guide to Marketing Responsible Tourism.  Irked by practices in the travel industry which you think are irresponsible? - share your views on the Irresponsible Tourism forum. And for fun - with a serious twist - and very much the antithesis to the spirit of Valentines Day:- check out Cheat Neutral - a hilarious spoof website mocking the concept of carbon offsetting.

Authentic Representation are using Responsible Tourism week 2012 as a catalyst to affect intentions into real actions. We invite Travel Agents and Tour Operators to visit our website for destination ideas that tread lightly on the planet and fairly contribute economically to communities and local suppliers. Authentic warmly invites contact from SME's, grassroots and community led tourism initiatives interested in benefiting from our accessible marketing services.