Wayo Africa training for safari guides in Tanzania


Wayo Africa:  30–day Guide Training Course


Wayo Africa/ Green Footprint Adventures is embarking on a rigorous guide-training season from March through June. This is a three-part training course stretching over 30 days.

For the first time in Tanzanian guiding history an internationally recognized safari guide certification will be issued to guides who successfully complete the entire 30-day course and continue with dedicated tasks and revisions in the following months. Guides who do not require the certification are welcome to join one or more courses to improve their skills. Read more

FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa) is 100% supportive of this project and guides who successfully complete the 30-day training will be well on their way to receive a FGASA level 1 certification. The training course will be led by Sean Robertson, one of FGASA’s top instructors. Sean has adapted the FGASA syllabus to fit Tanzanian guides and guiding conditions while adhering to the high standards of FGASA.

Sean will be with Wayo Africa/ Green Footprint Adventures for the next few years and his only objective will be guide training and development. Guides who obtain the FGASA level 1 will also have the opportunity to conduct courses to be certified to Level 2 and 3, various special skills (SKS) qualifications and potentially to be qualified as instructors.

Each course will be 10-days and will focus on two main topics within the following categories:

Course 1 – Mammals and Amphibians

Course 2 – Plants and Insects

Course 3 – Birds and Reptiles

Day to day on the course:

Early wake up. Enjoy the morning bird chorus and ID different sounds.  After breakfast set off on either a walk or game drive. Return to camp for lunch and afternoon tasks and study. Every guide will have a set of topics he/she will need to work on to present to the rest of the group. Afternoon will be class work and presentations by Sean. Late afternoon will either be presentations, class work or walking and game drives. Evenings will be spent on more class work, frogging or stargazing.

Every course will also cover the following essential topics:


  • Public speaking and presentation skills:Guides receive various topics to research and present every second day to the rest of the group. Their presentation skills will be practiced and improved upon.


  • Guest etiquette:Every time a guide talks to the group he will be viewed as a guide and the rest of the group as guests; all communication needs to happen effectively, professionally as if he is interacting with  guest. Various guest scenarios will also be simulated and practiced.


  • Driving skills:All guides will have the opportunity to practice effective game drive skills on daily drives.


  • Walking skills:As with the driving, a lot of time will be spent on foot and guides will learn valuable skills when walking in the bush with guests.


  • First aid: Every course will start with a one-day first aid element. This course will focus on the general first aid issues guides are often faced with on safari, things like insect stings, small scrapes, upset stomachs etc. For CPR training and what do in in the face of major trauma or accidents, consider signing up for a Wilderness First Responders Course or similar.

The course will be based in the Manyara area and accommodation and training facilities will be out of the Wayo Green Camp.


US$750 per course

Guides attending more than one course will pay US$700 per course, US$2, 100 for all three. Or send more than 10 guides and receive $100 discount per guide on the full course.

Cost includes:

  • All training and training notes

  • All accommodation and meals for the duration of the course

  • All park fees for Tanzanian citizens.

  • Registration fee with FGASA

  • All exams and exam fees

This is expensive as all good training courses are. A potential way to lessen this burden can be to share costs between guides and companies. Many private guides requested this training and are happy to pay 50%.


Exact dates are yet to be confirmed but will be between end of March, April and May. Only 15 spaces will be available.

If you are interested please email me on jean@wayoafrica.com or call me on +255784 203 000