African Bush Camps new initiative

African Bush Camps is proud to announce the start of a new initiative called ‘Safari Logistics’. Through the services of ‘Safari Logistics’ visitors from all corners of the world will now have convenient and cost effective access to Zimbabwe’s renowned and popular safari areas. Under ‘Safari Logistics’, African Bush Camps will begin its operation of a much–needed seat rate schedule, with flights which will link the renowned Hwange National Park to the World Heritage Site of Mana Pools National Park, Lake Kariba (Bumi) and the mighty Victoria Falls. In 2011, Zimbabwe’s tourism sector emerged triumphant after a barrage of political and socio–economic challenges that had culminated over the last decade. Travel trends continue to show an increased interest in the destination as well as increased occupancy figures. Boasting unparalleled safari experiences in some of the most remote wilderness areas and National Parks in the region, the destination is largely untouched by human development and offers travellers unique and off the beaten track safaris. However, with remote areas, comes the challenge of easy and affordable access to the safari and wildlife hubs of the country. In 2012, African Bush Camps has decided to take on the challenge to address the issue of access, and to make Zimbabwe an even more attractive & affordable choice for visitors and travel planners worldwide.