Uncharted Africa Safari co. and Tropic Air launch Ethiopian Elicopter Safaris

Uncharted Africa Safari co. co-founder and top African guide, Ralph Bousfield is teaming up with Kenya’s most exciting air charter company, Tropic Air, to offer an extreme, one-of-a-kind helicopter safari to the most remote areas of Ethiopia. This unique journey allows guests to see and experience previously inaccessible and untouched wonders. Rock fields, souring pinnacles, lava flows, volcanoes, acid lakes and lost tribes await the modern day explorer!

Ethiopia is a challenging and remote part of Africa, hiding away some of the world’s most magnificent landscapes and fascinating cultures. Tropic Air flies guests to these areas, whilst Ralph Bousfield unlocks the key to all of these marvels.

The safari starts in the remote region of the Omo River Delta, dubbed one of the last wild frontiers in the world; an area where the many colourful tribal people lead a deeply traditional lifestyle. After experiencing intense cultural interaction with these semi-nomadic pastoralists, the heli-safari moves north to Ethiopia’s holiest city, Lalibela. Built in the 12th Century to be a second Jerusalem, Lalibela attracts pilgrims from Ethiopia and beyond to worship in the ‘rock churches’,  hewed from solid rock more than 8 centuries ago. The safari then moves on to the Simien Mountains’ jagged peaks, deep valleys and sharp precipices, a place of unparalleled beauty and home to the Walia Ibex and Bleeding Heart Baboon, and later, further extremes are experiences in the Danakil Depression, which is one of the hottest places on earth and home to acid volcanoes, saline lakes and a bizarre landscape unlike anything on the planet.

Ralph Bousfield, one of Africa’s best-known guides and a pioneer of cultural safaris in Botswana will lead guests on this heli-safari. Ralph’s passion, besides exploring far-flung remote areas of Africa, is the relationship he has built with a community of Bushmen in the far western Kalahari. Ralph comes from a long line of safari explorers. His family has been taking people on safari for five generations commencing with his Great-Grandfather who escorted Princess Eugenie to visit her son’s grave in Natal after the Zulu wars. Five generations of experience continues to inspire and inform his unique understanding and love of Africa and its people. Having spent his youth in the bush with his legendary father Jack, Ralph has developed an incredible sixth sense and an intimate knowledge of the flora, fauna and landscapes of the African continent. Ralph studied Nature Conservation and undertook a thesis study program on the wattled crane under the auspices of the Endangered Wildlife Trust and the Crane Foundation in Wisconsin. In 1998, Ralph both co-produced and presented a sixteen part series for Discovery Channel. The series was filmed in Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania and was titled “Uncharted Africa”.

Tropic Air’s helicopter is flown by either Jamie Roberts or Ben Simpson, two of Africa’s most experienced pilots. Frequently called upon by the BBC, National Geographic and Disney, Tropic Air’s helicopter division knows no match when it comes to positioning the craft for that perfect photograph, or landing the helicopter on an undiscovered precipice. The adventure with Tropic Air lies as much with the destination as with the exceptional guiding. Both Jamie Roberts & Ben Simpson share a passion for discovery, adventure, fun and professionalism. Jamie Roberts started the company in 1993 and it is now Kenya’s leading charter service. Ben Simpson has been flying in East Africa for 14 years and was instrumental in establishing the helicopter division.

All inquiries for further details or booking information should be directed to Uncharted Africa Safari co.’s reservations team: reservations@unchartedafrica.com.