Reduced Transfer to Kitich Camp

The Kitich Camp road transfer,

between Samburu & Kitich Camp in the Mathews Range, is now reduced to US$ 95 per vehicle (one way)

 Kitich Camp Road Transfer

The Mathews Mountain Range rise up out of the desert; a chain of peaks covered in dense dewy forest. In a remote valley, Kitich Camp overlooks a river glade within the lush indigenous forest. The forest is home to elephant, leopard, bushbuck, buffalo, as well as ancient cycads, spectacular butterflies, Turacos and wild orchids. With only six guest tents, one can expect complete privacy. Kitich Camp's cosy lounge overlooks the floodlit river glade - from here guests can enjoy watching the wildlife emerge from the forest at dusk. Walk along forest paths guided by the Samburu and Ndorobo people, or swim in natural rock pools of the crystal mountain streams, Kitich Camp is an authentic 'bush camp' and offers a truly unique and private forest wildlife experience.


This revised transfer rate is valid until 2nd January 2013. 


Please note that Samburu park fees must be paid on  arrival / departure at Samburu airstrip or gate - so why not combine your guests' visit to Kitich Camp with a stay at Saruni Samburu or Joy's Camp?