Malawi Tops The Lists Again

Yahoo Travel has voted Lake Malawi as the number one most beautiful lake in the world. The Lake stretches up to 363 miles in length, has crystal clear waters, miles and miles of sandy beaches and is home to over 1000 species of fish. This 'Top 12' list includes Loch Lomond, Lake Garda and Lake Nakuru, but Lake Malawi comes first!

Meanwhile, acclaimed travel writer Paul Theroux has put Malawi in his top ten places in the world to find happiness. The warm welcome and smiling faces that Malawi is famous for have clearly left a lasting impression on this globe-trotting scribe, whose list was published recently in USA Today.

Both of these listings for Malawi come after this small Acfrican country was noted as the only destination to appear in BOTH of the Lonely Planet’s top 10 lists for the World’s Happiest places, and the Worlds Friendliest places.

If you’re searching for happiness – head to Malawi!

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