Malawi & Swaziland: Complete Adventure Travel Destinations

The June edition of ABTA magazine ran an article about the importance of the Adventure Travel sector, which is set to grow by 70% in the next 3 years. Whilst difficult to define precisely, 'Adventure Travel' was taken to include small group cultural and discovery trips, nature & wildlife holidays, walking and cycling tours, trekking, long distance overland journeys, ‘adrenaline’ experiences and polar expeditions. Seeing as neither country is at the end of the earth (thankfully), the last of these isn’t on offer, but ALL the rest are in both countries. The article went on to detail its top 10 specific adventure activities and Malawi has 8 of those, whilst Swaziland has 7 (it’s lack of a sea or large lake preventing some of the water-based ones). Not bad going a country the size of England and one the size of Wales! Trekking, cycling, safaris, horse riding, white water rafting, kayaking, diving, treetop canopy tours – the list goes on.  To have such a variety of activities in such small areas, and in countries with beautiful scenery and wonderfully friendly people – what more could an adventure traveller ask for?

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