Flatdogs Camp, the Community, the Environment and the Wildlife

At Flatdogs, we’re all committed to conserving this fantastic ecosystem. After all, Flatdogs Camp, its staff and all our guests are here because of the wildlife sightings on offer in the Luangwa Valley. We’re making important changes to our operations in the hope of winning a South Luangwa Eco Award (you can read more about this here), which will recognise our efforts to be a responsible lodge operator and ‘go green’. Steps taken so far include:

-  the installation of a solar water heating system

-  a new waste scheme where we separate out the decomposable waste and send all recycling to Lusaka

-  improving our garden project using only natural fertilizers

-  tree planting in camp

-  funding the construction of a classroom block at a local school

-  continuing to help local farmers by buying local produce.

All these are intended to improve livelihoods of local people, improve development in the area and reduce our impact on the environment.

In camp, we’re very lucky to enjoy regular visits from elephant, hippo and occasionally some of the big predators. We’d like to encourage these local visitors and reduce our impact on the environment in general by limiting the number of people we accommodate. For this reason, we’re going to be closing our campsite forever on 1st July 2011, and leave the current camping area as a haven for wildlife to roam freely. We will still offer our standard safari tents at a very affordable room only rate, but regrettably, private camping will no longer be possible at Flatdogs. If you would like to enquire about rates for safari tents, or for any other information, please contact Jess or Paolo on info@flatdogscamp.com .

Hope to see you here soon to enjoy the wilderness of the Luangwa Valley.

The Flatdogs Team.