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TTG - UK 10 December 2021

'Ditch the Red List' says travel boss facing 20 days in self-isolation 

Travel Weekly: 12th November 

Africa’s tourist numbers have hit their highest level this year with the majority of operators attracting new enquiries on the back of the easing of travel restrictions.

The Africa Travel and Tourism Association found that 54% of suppliers were operating at between 40%-80% levels last month against just 22% occupancy in July.

International arrivals via trade channels increased to 79%, the strongest all year and up from 48% in July.

Tanzania was most popular destination followed closely by Kenya, South Africa and Botswana.

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TTG: 12th November 

The African Travel and Tourism Association’s monthly global survey revealed that international arrival numbers in October reached their highest monthly level so far during 2021.

ATTA’s survey also illustrated an increase in confidence about travelling to Africa, with 45% of operators saying their clients were now confident to travel to the continent – up from 32% in September.

The vast majority of operators (90%) said they received new enquiries last month, which was another high for 2021, with Tanzania the most popular destination, followed by Kenya, South Africa and Botswana.

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Southern & East African Tourism Update: 11th November

Tourist arrival numbers to Africa from key source markets across the globe, were at their highest for 2021 last month, with 54% of supplier respondents operating at occupancies of 40% to 80%.

This is according to the latest monthly (October 2021) African Travel & Tourism Association (ATTA) Snapshot Survey. It is more than double the figures recorded in July where only 22% of supplier respondents were operating at between 40% and 80% occupancies.

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Travel Weekly: 1st November

The African Travel & Tourism Associations (ATTA) key Experience Africa event will return to London in 2022 after an absence of two years due to the Covid crisis.

The venue for the event on June 20-22 will be the central Kia Oval in London.

ATTA’s new subsidiary Experience Africa Events will organise the event in association with Jacob’s Media Group, publisher of Travel Weekly.

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Travel Weekly: 28th October 

Chancellor claims APD changes will reduce emissions

...Nigel Vere Nicoll, president of the African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA), said the announcement on ultra-long haul APD only affected one African destination – South Africa, but criticised the introduction.

“APD was supposed to be an environmental tax, yet it has never been ring fenced for that purpose,” he said, suggesting the chancellor may “use these funds to balance his own books with not a pound going to environmental research”.

Vere Nicoll added: “The travel industry is committed to any initiative that will help sustain the environment, but APD is not the way forward”

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Southern & East Africa Tourism Update: 28th October

UK’s long-haul passenger tax slammed

.....Wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Responding to the announcement, President of ATTA, Nigel Vere Nicoll, rhetorically asked: “Is Britain’s Chancellor a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” telling Tourism Update that Sunak’s APD for ultra-long-haul destinations over 5 500 miles would only touch one country on the African continent, South Africa.

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Travel Weekly: 26th October 

Further delay to recognise vaccination certificates from some African countries could be last straw for some specialists, says ATTA president Nigel Vere Nicoll

Well, at last almost all 21 sub-Saharan countries that ATTA covers, apart from Chad, have a green light to go, allowing our tour operators to promote this vibrant continent once again.

However, our prime minister, who promised a “new clear travel system” before he waved goodbye and buzzed off to holiday in Marbella, has left behind an even more confused travel industry.

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TTG: 8th October


The African Travel and Tourism Association (Atta) has welcomed the UK government’s decision to remove South Africa and 46 other destinations from the red list.

Nigel Vere Nicoll, Atta president, said the move will "certainly help revive tourism from the UK to most of our African destinations".

However, Nicoll said there are still "notable exceptions across the continent" for the African traveller.

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South African Sunday Times: 26th September 2021

'I should have been more forceful' - SA fights to get off UK's red list. 

.....“ In an interview with the African Travel and Tourism Association, UK High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Marriott said her country had been able to demonstrate that the Delta variant, which is dominant in the UK, accounted for “nearly 100%” of Kenya’s infections." SA, with its better scientific capability, had been able to provide that it was free of Beta and yet remained on the red list, David Frost, CEO of the Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (Satsa), told the Sunday Times.

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Travel Weekly: September 27th 

Demand for Africa remains high despite restrictions

The African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA) has reported more than 50% of consumers want to travel to Africa as soon as travel restrictions are lifted. More than 2,500 people responded to the trade association’s survey between July and September. 

More than a quarter (26%) said they have not booked their Africa trip yet because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, while 35% have used the time to research and make plans for their next holiday.

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Travelmole: 26th September

Demand is still high for trips to Africa after nearly two years of disruption, with over 50% of consumers showing interest.

The inaugural ATTA Travel Trends survey found customers want to travel to the continent for their first main vacation as soon as restrictions are lifted. 

The survey confirmed continued strong interest in Africa with 33% of respondents saying they had visited the continent more than three times before with 7% having visited three times, 12% twice and 18% at least once. 

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TTG: 21st September 2021 by Nigel Vere Nicholl

Once again, Africa has been singled for punishment by the UK Government. Folks in the tourism industry across the African continent, and here in UK, have no idea why or what they have done to be ignored.

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Tourism update: 21st September 2021 

The African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA) has introduced company, staff and board changes as part of its recovery plan.

“The pandemic has highlighted the value that many associations can provide and ATTA is no different. With all of us experiencing the most difficult trading times over the last 18 months, I am excited to share details of a brighter future,” said ATTA Chairman and Serengeti Balloon Safaris MD, John Corse.

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Travel Weekly: 20th September 2021

The African Travel & Tourism Association (Atta) has created a marketing subsidiary and made a series of appointments as part of its post-pandemic recovery plan. Atta will retain its current structure as a pan-African membership association for buyers, suppliers, and specialists. It has created Experience Africa Events, a wholly owned subsidiary of Atta, to provide the platform for promoting tourism to Africa.

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Southern & East African Tourism Update: 15th September

Following months of tireless lobbying by the British travel trade, the local travel trade and Africa and South Africa-focused tourism and travel associations – including SATSA, SA Tourism, the Tourism Business Council of South Africa, and the African Travel & Tourism Association – there are now reports that the UK Government may soon be dismantling its contentious traffic-light system, or at least make major changes.

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TTG: 30th July 2021

The African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA) has urged the UK government to provide some clarity on the methodology behind its traffic light system, describing the red list classification as a "mystery".

The association urged all of the African nation ambassadors in the UK to lobby foreign secretary Dominic Raab to "understand what they need to do to put their countries on the consideration list for double vaccinated UK travellers".

Atta welcomed the UK government’s announcement that fully vaccinated travellers from amber countries no longer need to quarantine as a "step closer" to the same soon being possible for red-listed locations.

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Travelmole: July 29th 2021

The African Travel & Tourism Association (ATTA) applauded the UK Government's announcement that fully vaccinated travellers from amber countries can skip quarantine, and hopes it will also soon be possible for red countries on the traffic light system.

...Many businesses are in dire need of financial support for the next six months at least. Nigel Vere Nicoll, President of ATTA said: "We could be inching our way closer to opening up our red destinations with a careful, risk managed approach taking into account the rising number of double vaccinated travellers."

.....ATTA is writing to all African nation Ambassadors in the UK, urging them to contact Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, to understand what they need to do to put their countries on the consideration list for double vaccinated UK travellers. 

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Travel Weekly: 30th July 2021

ATTA urges Lobby of Raab over traffic light travel system methodology "mystery".

The African Travel & Tourism Association is hoping for relaxation of travel curbs on red list countries as it welcomed the government’s announcement that double vaccinated travellers from the US and amber countries in the EU will no longer need to quarantine.

ATTA is writing to all African nation ambassadors in the UK, urging them to contact foreign secretary Dominic Raab to understand what they need to do to put their countries on the consideration list for double vaccinated UK travellers..

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The Independent: 23rd June 

....While most attention was focused on travel to and from Europe, there were representatives of tourism to Africa. Every nation on the continent is on either the red or amber list, despite very low infection rates in countries such as Morocco.

“Where is the data on that?” asked Kate Kenward of the Africa Travel and Tourism Association.

“They desperately need our support. There’s people out there that are just existing now. They’ve been laid off work. They really, really need tourism back.”

Paul Goldstein, co-owner of Kicheche Safari Camps in Kenya, criticised ministers in the Department for Transport (DfT), the aviation minister, Robert Courts – who was expected to speak at an Abta conference on Tuesday but had a late-notice diary clash – and the transport secretary, Grant Shapps.

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Travel Weekly: 14th June

"Africa is being left behind" 

Tourism can help the continent develop and thrive, but without it people face stark choices, says ATTA chairman John Corse, who is director of the Tanzania Association of Tours Operators.

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Southern & East African Tourism Update:14 May 

The African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA) continues to use its position on key travel boards to put pressure on the UK government to use the correct scientific information to allow countries in Africa to move from red to amber to green.

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ATTA's GTT Report - members only 15th April

On Friday the UK Government published the Global Travel Taskforce Report around ‘The Safe Return of International Travel’. This report contains the framework relating to the protocols that will be in place for a return to ‘non-essential’ travel.

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Travel Weekly: 13 May 2021 

Region has learned lessons of previous pandemics, says African Travel and Tourism (ATTA) president Nigel Vere Nicoll. Ironically, it appears that the elephant in the room in global tourism will once again be Africa.

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Southern & East African Tourism Update: 13th April

The big challenge coming out of Africa regarding opening up tourism is the lack of statistics around the epidemiological picture and progress of vaccine roll-outs, believes Chris Mears, CEO of the African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA).

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Southern & East African Tourism Update: 13th April 

The African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA) is continuing its lobbying efforts – through its affiliations with Save Future Travel Coalition and the Travel Industry Alliance – to move sub-Saharan countries out of the UK’s Red List of countries.

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Travel Weekly: 31st March 

The Save Future Travel Coalition has written to government calling for sector-specific grants for travel agencies in England.

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ATTA's GTT Submission Proposal - Members only 30th March

ATTA have been actively engaged in industry groups such as the Save Future Travel Coalition (SFTC) and the Travel Industry Alliance (TIA) as well as pursuing meetings through our own contacts, all with the aim of gathering intelligence and sharing information between the various parties.

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Southern & East African Tourism Update: 5th March 

The Russian, Central and Eastern European source markets remain buoyant for travel to southern and East Africa, with domestic travellers as well as the US, UK and German markets still dominating.

This was revealed in the February Snapshot survey conducted by the African Travel & Tourism Association (ATTA) – which promotes tourism to Africa from all corners of the world.

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Southern & East African Tourism Update: 08th February

Kenya, followed equally by South Africa and Tanzania, has received the most global enquiries for travel.

This was revealed in the first January Snapshot survey conducted by the African Travel & Tourism Association (ATTA) – which promotes tourism to African from all corners of the world – highlighting that while travel to Africa is in demand, confidence to actually travel remains 50/50.

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Travelmole 27th January

Nine UK travel associations have joined forces to launch the Travel Industry Alliance (TIA) to represent both inbound and outbound and business and leisure travel.

One of TIA's immediate aims is to persuade the Government to end the mandatory quarantine of UK arrivals 'as soon as possible'.

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TTG: 27th January 


Nine travel associations covering a broad range of operations across the world have come together to form the Travel Industry Alliance (TIA).

.....Its key aims will be to engage with government on key issues affecting travel and tourism, and to encourage greater industry-wide collaboration.

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Travel Weekly: 4th January 

The African Travel & Tourism Association (ATTA) has appointed marketing specialist Kate Kenward as a director on its management board.

Kenward has almost 30 years’ experience in the industry having spent 15 years as EMEA marketing communications manager for Tourism Australia and 11 years as executive director of Aito, the Specialist Travel Association.

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